Mid Tek provides electronic circuit, cable and harness design, and printed circuit board (PCB) layout/routing services for all our manufactured products.h

Electronic Circuit Design

Electronic circuit design may be as simple as a diode or as complex as an embedded micro-controller. From the experience of providing hundreds of designs, Mid Tek engineers determine the most reliable, cost effective solution for your needs.

Cable & Harness Design

Through our years of experience with harsh automotive and construction equipment environments, Mid Tek recommends Deutsch connectors for all harness designs. They are rugged, highly engineered and cost effective. Or, using customer supplied connector requirements, interconnect diagrams and physical constraints, we will deliver products that are 100% tested and guaranteed to work.

Printed Circuit Board Design

When looking for your embedded control solution, be wary of supplies that provide "universal" circuit board solutions. Their board may work, but your enclosure will surely get bigger. Mid Tek provides custom circuit board design on a product by product basis. We take into account your physical size constraints and tailor the PCB to fit your needs.